New Employees

New Employees

Welcome to Pearson! As a new employee, you have an opportunity to select a benefits program that meets your personal needs – both immediate and long term. Having this flexibility is important because, as you experience new and different life events while at Pearson, you can then re-evaluate the benefits decisions you are getting ready to make today.

So, when it comes to your benefits – health, life, accident, retirement and your overall well-being – we take a long-term view, and you should too. Your benefits are part of a total package; in other words, the plans are carefully designed to work together to provide the financial protection you need for today…and the financial protection you’ll want for tomorrow. This holistic view is critical. Taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle into retirement won’t mean much if you haven’t adequately saved for that event. The reverse is also true.

To help you make informed decisions, Pearson provides you with access to a variety of tools and resources – starting with this newsletter. I hope you’ll utilize them now and throughout your career here as you make benefits an important part of your overall financial plan.

But let’s be honest, being informed and making decisions is much more than choosing a plan. It’s also about taking personal responsibility – when you need care, planning for your future and when living your life each and every day.

Whether you choose to go for an annual physical, evaluate a generic prescription drug over more expensive brand names, set aside money in the retirement plan or seek assistance with college financing for your kids, the choices you make today can certainly impact your tomorrows.

So please take some time to review this newsletter and the other communications you will see from us throughout the year. We are committed to helping you make the most of your benefits and supporting your good health – both physical and financial!

Director, Global Benefits

Stacey Rodgers