Dependent Day Care FSA

Available to all benefit-eligible employees.

  • Contribute up to $5,000 annually through before tax payroll deductions to help cover your eligible dependent day care expenses, including child care for children up to age 13 and care for dependent elders and a person who is physically or mentally unable to care for himself or herself who you can claim as a dependent for federal income tax purposes
  • Spend your money by using your debit card, or log in to the Mercer Marketplace, Click on “Dashboard” and look for the Savings/Spending accounts tile. Click on “Link To Your Savings and Spending Accounts”
  • Choose your contribution amount when you enroll. You can only change your contribution amount during the year if your personal situation changes
  • Your annual contribution will be divided into equal deductions from each paycheck. You only have access to money that has actually been deposited into your account.
  • Unused money does not carry over at the end of each year — use it or lose it. Be sure to estimate your contribution carefully
  • You cannot use the Dependent Day Care to pay for medical expenses for a dependent