Combination FSA

Available only to employees who enroll in an HSA

  • Designed to work together with your Health Savings Account (HSA) for additional tax-saving opportunities
  • Contribute up to $3,200 in 2024 through before-tax payroll deductions. Note that until you meet the IRS-required medical deductible of $1,600/individual and $3,200/family, only dental and vision expenses are allowed. Once you’ve met the medical deductible, eligible medical and prescription drug expenses are allowed. For a list of eligible expenses, visit the IRS website.
  • Please note: All the tax-advantaged accounts are loaded on one card. The card is programmed to draw down from the HSA first. If you wish to use funds from the Combination FSA, you will need to pay out-of-pocket and then submit the expense online for reimbursement from the Combination FSA.
  • Choose your contribution amount when you enroll. You can only change your contribution amount during the year if your personal situation changes
  • Your annual contribution will be divided into equal deductions from each paycheck. Your entire annual contribution amount is available to you from the beginning of the plan year
  • Spend your money by using your debit card, or log in to the Mercer Marketplace, click on “Link to Your Savings and Spending Accounts” at the bottom of the savings/spending accounts tile on your Dashboard
  • Unused money does not carry over at the end of each year — use it or lose it. Be sure to estimate your contribution carefully