Health Care FSA

Health Care FSA

If you’re enrolled in the Health Care FSA, you can use the WageWorks® Visa® Healthcare Card to quickly and conveniently draw funds from your FSA to pay for eligible expenses such as

  • Pharmacy prescription copayments
  • Doctor office visit copayments
  • Eligible over-the-counter (OTC) health care items
  • Medical, dental and vision purchases at your doctor, dentist or ophthalmologist for coinsurance, deductible and other eligible out-of-pocket expenses

You can also pay for a bill received in the mail with your card, if your merchant/provider accepts Visa®. Review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and make sure the charge on the bill matches the patient responsibility.

Note: this card cannot be used for your Dependent Day Care FSA.

What is the WageWorks® Visa® Healthcare Card?

The card is a special purpose financial debit card linked to your Health Care FSA. It allows you to access Health Care FSA funds at the time of purchase, eliminating the need to fill out claim forms.

What if I choose not to activate my WageWorks® Visa® Healthcare Card?

If you decide not to activate your card, you will need to file a manual claims reimbursement form from your FSA.