ESPP - Current Participant

ESPP - Current Participant

Six-Month Offering Period:  January – June 2018

Enrollment Period: December 1 – December 14, 2017


Your opportunity to continue, change or stop your election in the Pearson Employee Stock Purchase Plan (“ESPP”) opens today!

As you are aware, the ESPP allows you to contribute some of your pay from January through June, and in July the plan will purchase shares of Pearson stock at a 15% discount using the total amount you’ve contributed. The discount will be applied to the closing stock price on the first day or last day of the six-month Offering Period – whichever is lower.

Remember, your contribution election is a monthly fixed dollar amount totaling between $120 and $6,000 over the six-month Offering Period. This monthly contribution will then be converted to an after-tax deduction (on a per-pay-period basis), based on the number of regular paychecks you are scheduled to receive during this six-month period.  Your first deduction will begin in January.

Click here to learn more about the plan prior to making your election.

If you wish to continue contributing the same amount, no action is required. Your current election on record will automatically carry over for the new six-month Offering Period.

To change or stop your contribution election, please:

  1. Visit the EMPOWER Retirement website (or call 844-465-4455).
  2. Click the “Pearson plc Employee Stock Purchase Plan” link (on the right) and then click “Visit Website”, which will direct you to the Computershare employee homepage.
  3. Click the   ENROLL/AMEND   button associated with “Employee Plan Stock
  4. To make a change, click the   AMEND   button associated with “June 2018 Purchase” and enter a new monthly fixed dollar amount


To stop participating, click the   CANCEL   button associated with “June 2018 Purchase”

  1. Validate your enrollment by clicking   SUBMIT  
  2. Print the confirmation page for your records


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will no longer be able to cancel/withdraw from the current ESPP offering period – “December 2017 Purchase” – which ends on December 31, 2017. 



To access your account or if you have any questions about the ESPP, please contact EMPOWER Retirement at 844-465-4455 or visit You will need your personal Username and Password to log on. If you misplaced this information, please contact EMPOWER at the above number.