Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

Retail Pharmacy
(31-Day Supply)
Home Delivery
(90-Day Supply)
Generic Drugs $10 copay $25 copay
Preferred Brand Name Drugs (Formulary) $35 copay $87.50 copay
Non-preferred Brand Name Drugs (Non-Formulary) $60 copay $150 copay

Prescription drug coverage for both PPOs is administered by CVS/Caremark. Three types of medications are covered:

Generic Drugs

These drugs are medically equivalent to brand-name drugs. They contain the same active ingredients and have the same effect as their brand-name counterparts, as required by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They are less expensive due to the absence of marketing and advertising costs, and competition among different drug manufacturers.

Preferred Brand-name Drugs (Formulary)

Preferred brand-name drugs that have been selected by CVS/Caremark pharmacists based on a variety of factors, including safety of the medication compared to available alternatives, efficacy (how well the medication works) compared to available alternatives, unique qualities of the medication compared to available alternatives, and cost of the medication.

Non-Preferred Brand-name Drugs (Non-Formulary)

The first version of a drug made by a specific drug manufacturer. These drugs are exclusive and protected by a patent for many years, and more costly due to associated research and development, and marketing and advertising costs.

Filling Prescriptions

You can purchase prescription drugs at a retail pharmacy or through mail order service with CVS/Caremark.

Retail Pharmacy

You can obtain up to a 31-day supply of medication at a participating retail pharmacy. Show your CVS/Caremark ID card and you will be charged the applicable copayment.

You can obtain a list of participating pharmacies by calling Member Services at 1.844.432.0696.

Mail Order

You can save by obtaining up to a 90-day supply at the cost of two and a half times the retail copay. Maintenance Choice® requires members taking long-term medications AND who live within 5 miles of a CVS pharmacy (including those in Target stores) must fill their prescriptions through mail order service or at a CVS pharmacy.

Use the attached temporary ID card until you receive one in the mail (for the temporary card, your ID is your social security number. Your permanent card uses a random identifier). For any questions, please call CVSC at 844.432.0696.