Delta Dental Networks and Deductibles

Delta Dental Networks and Deductibles

What is the difference between the Delta PPO network and the Delta Premier Network?

Using an in-network provider is an easy way to save money. As a member enrolled in the PPO plan administered by Delta, you have access to two Delta networks: the Delta PPO network and the Delta Premier network. The difference in networks is the size. If you choose a provider in the smaller Delta PPO network, you will pay less out of pocket. If you use the larger Delta Premier network, you will have slightly higher costs. Regardless of which network you choose, if you use a non-network provider, your reimbursement will be based on reasonable and customary limits.

How do deductibles work?

Before you can receive benefits for certain services, you must meet the annual deductible ($50 per person, $150 per family). The deductible does not apply to preventive and diagnostic services, or orthodontia.

Can I get a cost estimate?

For procedures that cost more than $300, you can request a pre-treatment estimate which will detail what services the Plan will cover and how much. To receive a real-time estimate, your dentist can contact Delta Dental directly.