How to Enroll


Visit the Pearson Benefits website at to plug into the various resources that are available to help you make informed benefit choices for the plan year.

If you have general inquiries regarding your benefits, contact Pearson People Services (PPS) via myHR (Ask HR a Question) or call 1-877-311-0948.


Step 1 – Have Your Information Ready:

  • Social security number and birth date for any dependent(s) you will be adding to your coverage.
  • The dental office location (DOL) for yourself and/or your dependent(s) if you will be participating in the Cigna Dental plan. The DOL can be obtained from the Cigna Provider Directory located at:

Step 2 – Access Fusion:

You can access Fusion via myHR located in myCloud. If you do not have access to myHR, please contact Pearson People Services (PPS).:

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 3 – Making Elections and Completing Your Enrollment:


ONLY use the “Back” and “Next” buttons located at the top and/or bottom right of each screen when navigating through the system. DO NOT use your browser’s back/forward buttons.
  • Review each screen for important notes, your available options and costs, and to make your elections.
  • Note: All coverage options for dependents (including medical, dental, vision and/or life insurance) must be designated for each dependent.
  • Review the final screen which summarizes all the elections you have made along with their costs.
  • When you have completed your enrollment, click the Logout link. Be sure to close your browser once you have reached the Logout screen.

Keep in mind that the benefit elections you make cannot be changed during the year unless you have a qualifying change in life event. For more details regarding qualifying events, please refer to your company’s benefits page or contact Pearson People Services.