Health Promotion

We believe in facilitating a Culture of Health. At Pearson, this means a workplace where our people have access to helpful and cost-effective resources, are empowered to use those resources appropriately to take responsibility for their health, and feel supported in their efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here are just a few examples of ways we try to create a healthier Pearson:

  • Coverage for preventive care services, including age- and gender-specific screenings, flu shots, visits with a Registered Dietician and more
  • One-on-one, confidential, free telephonic health coaching and care management with Registered Nurses and specialists from your health plan
  • Health awareness programs on topics like stress management, nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention
  • Discounts on Weight Watchers® programs

Health promotion offerings vary from year to year and across locations, but we strive to make a variety of programs available to as many employees as we can. Visit Just One Thing on Neo to hear inspiring stories about how Pearson employees around the world are taking steps to lead healthier lives.