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Welcome to the latest edition of For Your Benefit where we take a look at two subjects that are recognized nationally in the month of May – Mental Health and Allergies & Asthma. Find out how mental health issues impact the young and old, and how identifying mental illness in its earliest stages can make a big difference. From there, explore the topics of allergies and asthma. There are some helpful FAQs as well as information about allergens and asthma triggers.
Bullying: The Long Lasting Impacts on Kids
Read how being the victim of bullying as a child may cause mental health problems much later in life.
Need to Speak with a Professional?
Learn about your mental health benefit coverage and also the counseling available through the Employee Assistance Program.
Pearson Makes Annual Contributions to your 401 (k)
See when the contribution was made, how to access your retirement account and review reminders about Medicare and the ESPP.
The Doctor Is In
Have those allergies turned into a sinus or respiratory infection? Now, you don’t have to hear that the doctor can’t see you for a week. Use MDLIVE® for non-emergency care.
Lean on this Free Benefit for Support
If you are dealing with a chronic condition like asthma, have questions about an upcoming surgery or want some help creating a personal health plan, take advantage of Care Management through Cigna and Anthem – it’s free!
The Doctor Always Knows Best, but its Worth Asking
Review the 3-tier prescription coverage available to you so you are prepared to ask your doctor the right questions about your medications.
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