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Men’s Health Month (MHM) brings attention to male physical well-being, but it also reminds us that, typically, men do not like to talk about or seek help for a mental health issue. This reluctance makes MHM a good time to provide education and resources to get the conversation going.
Did you know?
Mental Health America reports that 6 million men suffer from depression each year.
Depression can be hard to talk about. A lot of men end up struggling silently for years, only to reach out when they’ve hit rock bottom or don’t reach out at all. This is one of the reasons why men account for 3.5 times the number of suicides as women.
When depressed, men can become irritable and aggressive, work compulsively, isolate themselves from friends and family, drink more than normal, and engage in high risk activities.
Biological, psychological, and social factors all play a part in depression in men, as do lifestyle choices, relationships, and coping skills as well as stressful life events or anything that makes you feel helpless or profoundly sad.
Low levels of testosterone are correlated with depression, stress and mood swings especially among older men.
People with chronic, physical illnesses often feel despair and sadness. In some cases, the physical impacts of the condition itself or the side effects of medication lead to depression.
Take action
Visit headsupguys.com, a website dedicated to depression in men for resources and support in dealing with male depression.
There’s no sure way to prevent mental illness, however taking steps to control stress and increase your resilience may help. Check out more advice from the Mayo Clinic to keep symptoms under control.
LifeCare offers several on demand webinars that tackle mental health related topics such as Conquering Fear & Anxiety in Today's World. Log on and search mental health webinars.
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers unlimited telephonic counseling and up to five face-to-face counseling sessions per issue per year and are available to you and family members who live with you.
Check out this list of questions to ask a mental health specialist as well as a reminder about the importance of providing a thorough medical history so the appropriate medications can be prescribed, if necessary.
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Employee Assistance Program Seminars

6/21 — Experiencing Mindfulness: An Introduction

7/12 — Talking to Children about Death

7/19 — Manager’s Guide: Managing Employee Stress

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Food of the Month – Basil
Often associated with Mediterranean cooking, basil is native to India and Asia as well as parts of Africa. This member of the mint family has been used as a medicinal plant, and its oils and extracts are said to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties as well as a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Check out this recipe for Tomato-Basil Zoodle Salad.


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