pearson benefits - E-HEALTH@PEARSON - December 2016
No one wants the joy of the holiday season to be dampened by a visit to the emergency room, yet it happens far too often each year. Many of the accidents and illnesses that happen to us, our children and our pets can be prevented with a few, simple reminders about safety and good health practices.
Did You Know?
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), roughly a quarter of a million children are seen in the nation’s hospital emergency departments each year due to toy-related injuries.
Holiday plants such as holly and mistletoe are poisonous to dogs and cats and poinsettias can be mildly toxic, too.
Planning for the holidays can leave us feeling impatient, cranky, and — in some cases — depressed. When the realities of day-to-day life conflict with our efforts to make the holiday season perfect, stress results.
Holiday stress coupled with less rest during the busy days of the season leave us more vulnerable to the flu, colds and viruses.
Take Action
Visit the US CPSC's website to read its Toy Safety Guide to get information about buying, storing and maintaining toys.
Visit the American Veterinary Association website for a list of helpful ways to keep your pets happy and out of harm’s way during the holidays and beyond.
Take advantage of the 100% coverage offered through your medical plan to get your flu shot. In 2017, our new prescription plan provider, CVS/Caremark, will also provide the vaccinations.
If you or a household member are feeling stressed or sad during the holidays or at any time, reach out to Cigna EAP where you can utilize free, unlimited telephonic counseling 24x7 as well as five face-to-face counseling sessions at no cost to you.
Try the Concierge Service offered by LifeCare® to help you save time and energy. This service can do the leg work for you such as comparing prices, locating hard-to-find items, making reservations or arranging repair appointments for your home or auto.
Always Learning
LIFECARE webinars
Here’s a small snapshot of some of the On Demand webinars offered by Lifecare® this past year, which you can listen to at a time that works best for you (and stay tuned for the 2017 new presentations).
Lightening Your Life with Laughter
Look at life in a way that takes some of the stress out of it.
Planning Your Financial Future
This webinar will help you understand typical road blocks to saving, how to deal with them, and the importance of investing.
Log in to the LifeCare® website to see the complete list of offerings.
January 11
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January 25
Manager’s Guide to Substance Abuse
Visit the EAP website and enter Pearson as the Employer ID.
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Check out this recipe for apple pear oatmeal crisp
The Pearson Benefits team wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season and a new year filled with good health and prosperity.
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