pearson benefits - E-HEALTH@PEARSON - August 2016
Pearson's benefit programs go way beyond providing the insurance coverage you need in the event of illness. There are many support programs offered at a discount or at no cost to you. Whether you are expecting a baby, dealing with a serious/chronic condition or just want to learn more about your health, Pearson offers several ways to get the help you need.
Whether it's a mental health issue, substance abuse or relationship problems, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), available 24x7x365, can help you and your family restore your peace of mind. And remember, you don't have to be enrolled in any Pearson-sponsored benefit plan to be eligible for the EAP.
Dealing with any serious diagnosis or chronic condition is exhausting enough without having to search for information and resources. Guided Patient Support (GPS), is a free resource designed to help employees and their household members get comprehensive, objective and personalized information about any medical diagnosis or health topic.
If you are dealing with a serious illness or chronic condition, the PPO plans administered by Anthem and Cigna can help you navigate your way with their free Care Management programs.
Take a Health Assessment through Cigna or Anthem to get a snapshot of your health – plus, you'll earn a $100 for completing your evaluation.
When seeing your own doctor isn't an option, try MDLIVE® - available around the clock and on demand with a $10 copay per consultation for non-emergency conditions.
Whether this is your first baby or you already have other little ones at home, Future Moms from Anthem, and Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® from Cigna can provide free, helpful information and support so you can have a healthy pregnancy, and your baby can have the best start. What's more, you'll be rewarded for your participation with a $500 or $100 gift card.
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Visit the EAP website and enter Pearson as the Employer ID.
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